October 15th - 18th, 2020


10th October 2020 (CTF)
1:00 PM IST BSides Delhi CTF Starts (https://ctf.bsidesdelhi.in)
11:00 PM IST BSides Delhi CTF Ends (https://ctf.bsidesdelhi.in)
15th October 2020 (Workshops)
10:00 AM IST Defending Docker Implementations by Joshua Jebaraj
2:00 PM IST Analysing programs through dynamic instrumentation with QBDI by Tom Czayka and Nicolas Surbayrole
6:00 PM IST Introduction to Malware Reverse Engineering by Ashwathi Sasi
16th October 2020 (Workshops)
10:00 AM IST Reverse Engineering Malwares Targeting Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities by Noushin Shabab and Negar Shabab
2:00 PM IST Finding Security Vulnerabilities with Fuzzing by Hardik Shah
6:00 PM IST CyberWarOps Training: Red and Blue Team Joint Operations by Manish Gupta and Yash Bharadwaj
17th October 2020 (Talks)
1:00 PM IST Welcome Note
1:10 PM IST Keynote - Autonomy, Slack, and Resilience in Secure Systems by Eleanor Saitta
2:00 PM IST Callback objects - Everything you didn’t know you wanted to hook in the kernel by Yarden Shafir
2:50 PM IST FPAnalyze : Aiding Exploitation With Automated Analysis by Sai Ritvik T and Sourag C
3:40 PM IST Break (Includes a 5 min recorded session on breathing technique)
4:00 PM IST Firmware Reverse Engineering - a pragmatic approach by Munawwar Hussain Shelia
4:50 PM IST Fasten your seatbelt - Automotive cybersecurity disruption on its way! by Kuldeep Saini
5:40 PM IST Break (Includes a 5 min recorded session on mindfulnes)
5:50 PM IST Comprehensive Cross-Domain Enterprise Threat Exposure Analysis by Greg Conti and Robert L. Fanelli
6:40 PM IST Sharing Open Datasets With The World To Develop Detections From Home by Roberto Rodriguez
7:30 PM IST Meet the Bots our new Security Auditors by Vishal Kalro and Ravi Kumar
18th October 2020 (Talks)
1:00 PM IST Operational Tech binaries and the tale of deductions! by Rushikesh D. Nandedkar
1:50 PM IST Email security with DANE: Empirical Analysis of DANE for SMTP in the wild by Aniketh Girish
2:40 PM IST Quines: A self producing syndrome by Gopika Subramanian
3:30 PM IST Break (Includes a 5 min recorded session on breathing technique)
3:50 PM IST Demystifying Common Active Directory Attacks by Venkatraman K
4:40 PM IST Cloud for Sensitive and Regulated data by Swati Sharma
5:30 PM IST Break (Includes a 5 min recorded session on mindfulnes)
5:40 PM IST Five phases of IRTOF: Kickstarting your organization's Red Team Operations programme
6:30 PM IST Old Still Cool by Daniel Isler
7:20 PM IST The Pentester Blueprint: A Guide to Becoming a Pentester by Phillip Wylie

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October 15th - 18th, 2020

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