Keynote Talks

  • Opening Keynote by Leigh-Anne Galloway, Payment Security Researcher
  • Closing Keynote by Adam Laurie, Global Associate Partner, and Lead Hardware Hacker, IBM X-Force Red


  • Security Analysis of end-to-end encryption in chat applications by Ashutosh Ahelleya, Team bi0s
  • The Magic of Tracking APT Campaigns Using Data Science by Vicky Ray, Principal Researcher, Unit 42 - Palo Alto Networks
  • The Art of WebKit Exploitation by Umang Raghuvanshi, Security Researcher
  • Phishing in the cloud era by Ashwin Vamshi, Security Researcher, Netskope
  • Schrödinger 0-day in SCADA by Vladimir Dashchenko and Sergey Temnikov, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT
  • Scaling Security by Vaidik Kapoor, VP of Technology, Grofers
  • OpRisk, the new old security challenge by Joerg Simon, Audius
  • A comprehensive approach to Anonymity by Ravinder Verma, Security Consultant, IBM X-Force Red
  • Server fingerprinting: How I broke most famous recon tools by Piyush Raj, Independent Security Researcher
  • DevSecOps – a headwind or tailwind by Mohammad Wasim, VP - Cloud & DevOps COE, PublicisSapient
  • VyAPI - The Cloud Based Vulnerable Android App by Riddhi Shree, Application Security Analyst, Appsecco


  • Instrumenting Security Automation in CI/CD by Amit Kumar Khandelwal and Gineesh George, Adobe
  • Software Vulnerability Discovery using Static Analysis and Fuzzing by Abhisek Datta and Ashfaq Ansari
  • Intro to Dark Arts: Getting Started with CTFs by Team Shakti
  • Building a GEN2 UHF RFID Reader with SDR by Adam Lauri
  • Car Hacking Village by Arun Mane, Nikhil Bogam, Hrishikesh Somchatwar, Kartheek
  • Hiring/Career/Resume Guidance Session